The Institute of Quality Management, Universiti Utara Malaysia (IPQ-UUM), in collaboration with the School of Business Management (SBM UUM), will be holding the Optimizing Productivity for Service Delivery Excellence on 7 December 2021, 8:30 AM - 1:00 AM, GMT+8 on Webex. Registration is free. For more details, check their Facebook page.

The AUN-QA will be conducting another round of the "Online Workshop on Writing Self-Assessment Report (SAR) for Successful AUN-QA Programme Assessment (Version 4.0)" on 21-22 February and 4 March 2022, and 18-19, 29 April 2022. To register, click here. The Registration fee for individual participants is 1,000 USD; and for a group of 2-4 participants, 500 USD.

UP AADS is renamed UP Quality Assurance System

The UP Academic Assessment and Development (AAD) System is renamed as the UP Quality Assurance System. The approval of President Danilo L. Concepcion of the recommendation of the President's Advisory Council (PAC) to rename the AADS is announced through OVPAA Memo no. 2021-133.


The 1st AIMS International Conference (AIC 2021) will be held at the Expo 2020 Dubai UAE and virtually (via an online platform) on 17th December 2021. AIC 2021 is a strategic collaboration between the Ministry Of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) with the support of the other AIMS Committee in Malaysia (from the AIC 2021 invitation). Visit their website or access the conference poster for more information.

"The Office of the Vice President for Development - Information Technology Development Center (OVPD-ITDC) is offering free webinars designed to strengthen the Work-From-Home (WFH) capabilities of all UP staff" (ITDC, 2021). Check the webinars and register here.

Featured news

The OVPAA, through Memo no. 2021-156, has released the Guide for External Quality Assurance.

This version features modifications and the inclusion of post-assessment and renewal of assessment or accreditation to the EQA process flow. Furthermore, funding options for the conduct of EQA is elaborated, including the engagement of reviewers/assessors through the expanded guidelines of the Visiting Professor Program (VPP). It also provides links to other QA materials, forms and templates that may be helpful in the conduct of EQA.

24 Nov 2021

The OVPAA, through Memo no. 2021-151, has released the UP QA Benchmarking Guidelines. Benchmarking is a quality process that involves a comparison of a degree program’s standards and performance across several academic years, with that of other UP academic units or peer universities here and abroad. The Guidelines outline the different types of benchmarking activities degree programs may engage in, and the processes and steps entailed.

17 Nov 2021

Post-Assessment Procedures for IQA and EQA

The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs has released the Post-Assessment Procedures for Internal Quality Assurance and External Quality Assurance. These were developed to guide the next steps of academic units after internal or external review. Check the IQA and EQA webpages or access the latest versions here:

Post-Assessment Procedure for IQA

Post-Assessment Procedure for EQA

The AUN-QA released a clarification on the timeline for the implementation of the AUN-QA Manual version 4.0. Click here to see the full timeline.

The AUN-QA shares about the "6 key principles behind the success of AUN-QA Assessments in the new normal". See the infographic here.

Read about the various news and events of the ASEAN University Network (AUN), including programme- and institutional-level assessments of the AUN-QA, in the AUN Press Room linked here.