Times Higher Education to hold the Digital Universities Asia on 1-3 July 2024 in Jakarta

Digital Universities Asia is bringing together education, industry, and policy leaders to revolutionize higher education with digital tools, AI, and technology, making institutions more accessible and inclusive. This event, hosted with Universitas Indonesia, will explore how Asian universities can empower learning and knowledge exchange through AI and technology, equipping staff, faculty, and students with vital digital skills for a tech-driven society. You may check their website for the registration and schedule of activities.

NEW!  UP Guide for External QA

The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs has released version 4 of the UP Guide for EQA. This version contains information on preparing for face-to-face or virtual external review/assessment/accreditation. Check the latest version here.

OVPD-ITDC Offers Free Webinars for UP Staff

"The Office of the Vice President for Development - Information Technology Development Center (OVPD-ITDC) is offering free webinars designed to strengthen the Work-From-Home (WFH) capabilities of all UP staff" (ITDC, 2021). Check the webinars and register here.

NEW! Post-Assessment Procedure for Internal QA

The Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs has released a new version of the Post-Assessment Procedure for Internal QA. This version adopts the strategic planning template developed by the UPD QA Office. Check the latest version here.



EDCOM 2 Releases year one report

The Second Congressional Commission on Education (EDCOM 2) released findings during its first year of operation on January 23, 2024.  

In its Year One Report entitled “Miseducation: The Failed System of Philippine Education”, the Commission highlighted its findings in twelve out of its twenty-eight Priority Areas, following its first year of work. This is in line with its mandate under RA 11899 to report to Congress its accomplishments, findings, and recommendations periodically. 

One of the key priority areas mentioned in the report is Quality Assurance in higher education. As mentioned in the report, " Ensuring quality in higher education is a complex process that requires a blend of institutional mechanisms and strategies. These are designed to maintain high standards and foster ongoing improvement, ensuring that educational programs align with the needs of students, employers, and the broader society. Key approaches in higher education QA encompass both internal and external systems. These systems comprehensively review academic programs, teaching methods, and learning outcomes. They also include rigorous program and curriculum design, robust faculty development and evaluation processes, active solicitation of student feedback, encouragement of research and scholarship, and fostering partnerships with industry and other key stakeholders. Transparency and accountability in public reporting are also crucial." (pp 158-159)

You can download the full report here.

State of philippine education report 2023

The Philippine Business for Education released the State of the Philippine Education Report for 2023.

In this report, PBEd has identified a critical need for transformative change in the country's education system, as outlined in the State of Education Report. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Philippines faced a substantial learning crisis, with alarming statistics such as 9 out of 10 10-year-olds unable to read simple texts. Despite constitutional mandates for accessible and quality education, persistent issues include inequitable access, low completion rates, and poor performance in international assessments. The pandemic further exacerbated challenges, leading to school closures, learning gaps, and increased unemployment. In response, the government enacted EDCOM II, and PBEd initiated Citizens' EDCOM, aiming for a 180-degree turn in education reform. 

You can access the full report here.

UP QA Dashboard

The UP QA Dashboard is a platform for information on QA Officers and EQA accomplishments for each UP Constituent Universities.

Visit the QA Dashboard at 

Note: This link is accessible to UP constituents only. Please use your UP Mail when viewing the file.

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